“We have four Doberman Pinchers at home and before we started them on the Paleo diet, there were all kinds of problems with skin breakouts and allergic reactions. Since the time we changed their diet, none of those things occur. That’s why I think this is a very important book for all dog owners.” – William Shatner, actor, musician, singer, author, film director, spokesman and comedian

“I have been a dog lover and into holistic health since my twenties, but this book opened me up to many things I did not know about diet, vaccinations, and the overall health of my two dogs. Thanks so much for an obvious labor of love. Puff and Joey thank you as well! They are eating better now.” – Jack Canfield, Co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series, including Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul

“A practical guide with much insight about how to return your dog to a more natural state of health and longevity.” – W. Jean Dodds, DVM, coauthor of The Canine Thyroid Epidemic

“You want your cherished dog to live forever and never be ill, right? Though that is not possible, Paleo Dog’s information brings you close. Feeding a great diet is the basis for all life, and following their suggestions will help your dog’s health (less inflammation, optimum weight, increased longevity) as well as helping the planet. They then guide you into the wonderful world of holistic medicine where gentle and effective therapies can be learned by you. Do not wait until your dog is sick – start now to evaluate and improve your dog’s health and happiness. P.S. – After 30 years of holistic practice and teaching, I know their suggestions work – you will never run out of something else to try.” Christina Chambreau, DVM, author, teacher, homeopathic veterinarian

“It is the only book of its kind that I have ever read that is totally honest, unblemished by hidden advertorial content, and presents some complex nutritional information in a highly accessible and interesting manner. The way the book treats the often contentious issue of vaccination is evidential and quite easy to understand and implement. Nutritional advice is totally sound, and may indeed bring a smile to people who want to feed their pet better while saving money at the same time. Altogether, refreshing and highly informative and a probable live saver for our four legged best friends.” – Jonathan Eisen, Co-Editor, The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine

“Everyone who feeds a dog MUST read Paleo Dog. Based on (un)common sense and decades of research and experience, Paleo Dog is THE resource for following Nature’s original design of the canine as you feed and understand your dog better in the 21st century. If you raise your dog according to the guidelines in Paleo Dog, you will be contributing to preventing canine extinction!” – Kate Solisti, author of Conversations with Dog, The Holistic Animal Handbook and “Save Your Dog!” nutrition video

“Paleo Dog is the whole package. Most people strive to do what is best for their dog, this is it. Paleo Dog addresses the whole life, not just diet. I would highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to know more about offering the best life to their dog/dogs.” – Sherri Regalbuto, dog trainer, author, photographer, and blogger. (Read her entire review, posted 3/12/14, at

“PALEO DOG takes canine health back to the future by partnering what worked for doggy ancestors with modern scientific advances. This lifestyle manual for dogs includes exhaustive research, a conversational tone, and a tell-it-like-it-is approach to offer dog lovers the tools they need to make informed choices to improve their best friend’s health with natural, earth-friendly techniques.” – Amy Shojai, CABC, award-winning author of two-dozen pet care books including New Choices in Natural Healing for Dogs & Cats

“I would like to whole heartedly recommend Paleo Dog to all my clients. This is a must have for all owners who want the best for their animal companion. There is so much useful information to help your dog to lead an active and healthy life well into old age. It is destined to become a classic in the world of natural pet care.” — Marcia Martin, DVM

“PALEO DOG is a must-read for all pet guardians wishing to help their dogs thrive. It is the go-to resource for the physical, mental and emotional needs of dogs. Dr. Hofve and Dr. Yarnall have done a masterful job explaining what species appropriate nutrition is, the facts about why this is so, and ways to provide the best diet, lifestyle, and enrichment for dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes.” – Jodi Ziskin, Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Consultant for Pets“

Jean and Celeste have written an excellent book on how to awaken the doctor within all creatures great and small. I know from decades of being a veterinarian that the most important lesson is prevention. For over 30 years, I have taught my clients to just say no to drugs, chemicals, and vaccines, and feed themselves and their animal friends a healthy diet. PALEO DOG is all about optimizing the cell replication capacity of our best friends.” – Stephen R. Blake, DVM

“Reading PALEO DOG was like having a sumptuous meal with my family. It’s simply beautiful. I loved it.” – Dr. Tony O’Donnell, PhD

“The Paleo Dog book represents state of the art science. It is evidence based, sharp, accurate and precise. It is hard to believe that this is a book aimed at dog’s care, because it is so faithful to the essence of science and the heart of good sense that it could be easily considered the new health bible for all living things.” – Ilios Garcia, Chief Science Advisor, MOXXOR

“A breath of fresh air filled with information in holistic pet care. Hats off to Jean Hofve and Celeste Yarnall for bringing awareness to holistic pet care and empowering conscious minded dog lovers with healthy choices for their best friend. A much needed reference guide for the future of animal health.” – Dr. Jenn Royster DDiv, Intuitive Spiritual Counselor and Radio Host

“These days, we’re seeing a lot of material dealing with the “Paleo Diet”, and its reported health benefits for people.

The basic philosophy behind it is that people were created however long ago that was (“paleolithic” times, to thrive on a high protein, and vegetable diet, that does not include grain-based carbohydrates – which were not part of the human diet for thousands of years.

Well, it doesn’t take a rocket (or veterinary) scientist to realise that the same idea is relevant to our canine friends, only recently come over to us from non-vegetarian, “Paleo” wolves.

This is quite a comprehensive guide to keeping your canine best friend in tip top condition.

Paleo Dog includes information about appropriate nutrition, vaccinations as well as healthy lifestyle advice and natural health care options for pets.

Written by a vet (Jean Hofve) and an expert in wholistic pet care (Celeste Yarnall) this is a book you can learn a lot from whether you already have a dog or are thinking of getting one.

Advice in the book can help dog owners and their pets avoid unnecessary stress (such as large vet bills caused by a dog swallowing fragments of inappropriate toys – or a child becoming ill from pathogenic bacteria that can be found on edible dog treats – such as dried pigs’ ears.)

Paleo Dog also deals very creatively with basic (and advanced) dog psychology – vital knowledge for training a dog successfully. The authors explain that dogs “think in pictures” so non-verbal communication can often be a very suc- cessful way to communicate with dogs. If you have adopted or purchased a puppy, you (regardless of your own gender) are now the puppy’s “mother” and need to provide your dog with effective but affectionate guidance so that s/he learns appropriate behaviour.

Paleo Dog gives information about foods that suit different breeds of dog at different ages and stages of their lives, as well as a lot of recipes for ensuring that you never have another massive vet bill, ever.

Similarly, the book includes a lot of useful information on different natural therapies for dogs including herbal medicine, homoeopathy, Bach Flowers, acupuncture, essential oils and massage therapy.

Just what your best friend needs but never gets!

Importantly, the book cautions owners about using essential oils which are high in phenols and those that contain limonene as these are not suitable for dogs.

Paleo Dog is comprehensive resource that will help dog owners provide better care for their pet.” – Book review, The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine. 2014 May-Aug: 90-91.