PetEssiance Herbal Tonics and Essences

Ojibwa Tea of Life, a local Denver company, produces amazing herbal products that work wonderfully for our pets. Dr. Jean has known and worked with Master Herbalist and company owner Michelle Kalevik for more than a decade; together they created the PetEssiance™ line of herbal and essence products. All Ojibwa Tea of Life products are pure, non-irradiated, and organically grown/sustainably wildcrafted.

PetEssiance Herbal Pet Tea

Based on the famous “Essiac” herbal formula (Slippery Elm bark, Burdock root, Turkey Rhubarb root, and Sheep Sorrel), and enhanced especially for pets with two additional super-herbs:

  • Astragalus, known for its immune-boosting powers
  • Cat’s claw, a powerful immunomodulator, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory herb

PetEssiance Herbal Pet Tea supports the animal’s immune, digestive, renal, hepatic and glandular systems, and promotes healthy functioning and gentle healing in all body systems.

One tin contains enough herbs for approximately 1.5 gallons of tea total, which is enough to last a large dog for 2-3 months. Most cats would get 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon per day. (Complete directions accompany each order.)

Herbal Pet Tonic

By popular demand, we created this 4 oz. liquid (ethanol) extract of the exact same six herbs in PetEssiance Herbal Pet Tea. This extract supports the animal’s immune, digestive, renal, hepatic and glandular systems, and promotes healthy functioning and gentle healing in all body systems. (Complete directions accompany each order.)


A flower and energy essence formula for general overall emotional support and well-being of the normal dog.

Flower, animal, and other energy essences in Cani-Essence formula include: Aspen, Blackberry, Canyon Dudleya, Chicory, Dogwood, Dolphin, Fox, Hummmingbird, Lotus, and more.

Because disease begins on an energetic level, it can be prevented and healed at the same level. PetEssiance – Cani-Essence supports healthy mental, emotional, and spiritual states in our canine companions by encouraging positive responses to the stresses of everyday living.

Cani-Essence formula and PetEssiance may be purchased separately or as a Combo-Pack to promote vibrant health on every level.

PetEssiance/Cani-Essence Combo Pak

Contains both PetEssiance™ and PetEssiance™ Cani-Essence for your dog’s total well-being. Save $3.00 over purchasing them individually.


Pet Colon Comfort Formula

A gentle source of gastrointestinal support for dogs that includes probiotics, prebiotics, fibers, and herbs.

One 8-oz. jar (approximately 60 doses for dogs up to 20 lbs.) contains a proprietary blend of the following non-dairy probiotic strains, prebiotics, fibers and herbs: L. Acidophilus, L. Rhamnsous, B. Bifidum, B. Longum, L. Salivarius and L. Plantarum plus freshly ground Organic Flax Seed powder, Chicory root (inulin), Pectin, Konjac root (Glucomannan), Beet root, and Slippery Elm. 

As with any herbal or natural supplement, effectiveness varies with the individual animal. This information is not intended to replace professional veterinary care. Please discuss all supplement use with your veterinarian.